Fiduciary Assignments

    NorthStar Management Partners, LLC
  • As court appointed receiver, operated two jointly owned companies for approximately six months and eventually sold them through a court approved sale procedure. Oversaw all day to day activities, managed cash receipts and cash disbursements; and negotiated with creditors to assure an adequate supply of vital supplies.
  • As Chapter 11 Trustee, operated a manufacturing company with facilities in both the Northeast and the Southwest. Oversaw all aspects of operations and also facilitated due diligence being conducted by several prospective buyers. Eventually sold the assets of the company in an amount sufficient to pay a dividend to unsecured vendors.
  • As assignee, sold the assets of a high tech manufacturer in bulk to a competitor. Managed the claims process and paid a dividend to unsecured vendors at the conclusion of the process.
  • As Trustee under a trust mortgage, oversaw the liquidation of a chain of consumer product stores. Managed the entire claims process and negotiated with creditors to establish their qualified claims. Issued a dividend to unsecured creditors at the conclusion of the process.

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