Chief Restructuring Officer

    NorthStar Management Partners, LLC
  • Held complete responsibility for day to day operations; negotiated forbearance agreements with line of credit and equipment lenders; and managed relationships with unsecured vendors in order to assure continued supply of raw material requirements. Regained profitability averaging $150,000 per month after several years of losses in excess of $2 million annually and successfully negotiated with several buyers for the mill.

  • Managed the senior executive team for over a year after terminating both the CEO and President of the company. Developed and implemented a strategy for regaining profitability through a combination of selling two non-core business units and upgrading performance in the primary business unit as the result of reengineering the company's basic manufacturing practices. When engaged, the company had a deficit net worth of approximately $15 million. Less than four years later, the company was sold for $96 million.

  • Developed and implemented a strategy to "re-invent" the business by refocusing on the company's contract manufacturing capabilities. Also facilitated a major upgrade of management and management practices with an emphasis on hiring higher quality manager; improved coordination between the CEO and senior executives; and staff development through consistent training.

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